Wrath and Ruin EP

by Shatter the Sky

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released March 20, 2012



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Shatter the Sky Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Asylum
To take what you see
You try and make me believe
Contemplate the complexity
of what's perceived as normality
Waging war with demons
Inside my head.
If I don't battle with angels
I could wind up dead

No there's never a question
Not a doubt in my mind
To the face of the norm
Your fucking blind

Not a day goes by that I'm not confined
I'll never leave this place this prison in my mind
Repeat x1

There's crosses on faces
And auras round heads
there's X's on foreheads
A shadow above my bed
Dark complexions
And pitch Black eyes
It's like a war of worlds
That Cracks the sky

They locked me up
With everything I had left
Just the shirt on my back
And my heart in my hands
But one thing is for certain
the one thing they cannot attain
The fact that i know, that i know I'm sane
Track Name: Infidel
Rollin' in with 50's, we're coming fast
Nothing can stop us, not even a roadside blast
Your RPG's your IED's, they don'tt mean shit
Keep hiding in your caves, you'll feel a missile hit

We'll flush you out, one by one
We ain't leaving here, till the damage is done
We, are Liberty
We, are Justice
We, are the Weight of the World
We, are Infidel
Repeat x1
Infidel, we'll never fail

Frag out
Night vision, Thermal, we'll light up the night
Breach and clear, Your weren't expecting this fight
AK's, Explosive strap-ons, are you fucking real?
We've got the biggest balls, Now fucker I'm still standing here
Track Name: Wrath and Ruin
I live day to day, in hopes to see you fail
Memories recollections, they've all been thrown away
Those days i once cherished, it seems like that you don't care
In the wake of your demise, it turns out that i was right

This time, I am, Right
Your wrath your ruin your, your a path of destruction
The lies the Pain I was, Fooled by seduction
You took the thoughts memories, the moments we shared
If it was up to me, i'd say, you never really cared

All your shit has piled up, drowning in your own deception
You try again and again, to fix what once was rejected
Now you've been cast out, from everyone who gave a shit
This girl will be forsaken, the last straw pulled at random

This girl, forever, will be forsaken

Drop it
She thinks she's so smart, she moved on so quick
But what happens next was not her intent
Hope your happy with what you've done
Now you'll see when I'm NOT the one your yelling at
Sorry won't stop it, I wish I could, But i hope you miss me
When he Breaks Your Face
Track Name: It Dies Today
Release me
Haunted for ten years, by the visions of my actions
Traded my life for a chance to live again
But on that day i didn't realize i'd given up everything
My wife, my son, forever rest beneath my feet
Now I'm broken down in apathy
Lay me down

Bound by the consequence, the fear of never turning back
This path that lies ahead of me, is darkening with every step

Once a warrior of great esteem i crushed my enemies
with everything i had but on that day of days
i called on the immortals to grant me a second chance
to return the tyranny lies and bullshit
my pain dies today

Fingers are pointing conviction, as gods hold the key
Bound by the chains of agony, for eternity
repeat x1
You will release me